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Our store is currently closed. You are welcome to look around but we are not currently accepting orders.

Welcome to Bats about Bricks


Hi, and welcome to Bats about Bricks, we look forward to helping you find your missing bricks and pieces to help finish off your project.

NEW Items - These items are fresh from packets and have only been handled for sorting.

USED items - This is stock bought as new but played with by my son (and his dad) but abandoned as he was too 'cool' to play with Lego, apparently !! The sale of these items was the original reason for the opening of our store but in doing so it has recreated a loving interest in something that was always so common place in our house.


The Brick Owl system has a number of items with unknown dimensions, therefore shipping will default to parcel rate shipping when your order contains something with unknown dimensions ie. Minifigs. In the event that an order can be sent as a large letter a refund will always be made.


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